the zoo (at a glance)...

first, thank you for your sweet messages following my last post. it feels good to know i'm not alone in so many of those feelings- or at least, thank you for telling me i wasn't, so i don't feel quite as crazy:) 

 some friends invited us to the zoo tuesday afternoon- since it was 75 we couldn't just say no! we only were able to stay an hour, but because it was later in the day we practically had the place to ourselves. 
elle loves playing with zach, and these two ran everywhere together. 
steph & i pushed the littlest boys in their strollers. it made me think back to our disney trip and thank my lucky stars we didn't have the brilliant idea to try disney at this age- now jude just wants to be out and exploring. thankfully, he's starting to realize how superly cool animals are, so he was somewhat mesmerized through the glass and fences at the zoo. oh, and i kept feeding him. which he then wanted to feed to the animals. no wonder they have those signs... :-/
 ^^ every photo is of someone's behind. no time to look at the camera. the giraffe is no exception.
 when the food ran out, jude started eating his stroller... until he found a hidden stash...
(other zoo visits here. wow, it's been a while!)

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