jude's 1st birthday...

 mike took the day off work, and we spent jude's birthday just playing- thinking of what jude in all his one-year-old-wisdom would enjoy. first things first, a trip to get him his very own toothbrush. he will choose a toothbrush over any toy, any day. he picked one out, and sucked his way through the cardboard by the time we got to the car. the battery was dead by the end of the day- it even napped with him. easy to please, huh!?
easiest birthday present ever.
(oh, and hello, there's nothing like walmart on a thursday at 8am. crickets, i tell you. the best time to shop.)
 we stocked up on birthday party supplies, and headed home for nap time & to take elle to preschool.
 we stopped by my work in the afternoon to pay a visit- jude & elle were showered with love, like usual. i think we have made it tradition to go into my work on "big" days... i love these women so much! 
 ^^ super jude with his super new cape! (and, of course, the toothbrush he refused to let go of:)
we went across the street to city creek to play at the dino land- which ended up being perfect. all jude wants to do is explore & destroy. a padded land with climbable objects? perfecto.
 for dinner we invited my parents to join us for breakfast at cracker barrel. it's a sure-bet that kids will eat, and i crave their french toast 24/7. yes! happy birthday to us all. 
after our breakfast, jude got into the spirit by instantly smashing the ice cream & cake. i say we finish breakfast each day with dessert. who's with me!?
happy 1st birthday, little studman!

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  1. LOVE that he loves toothbrushes. Adorable


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