coming through on the other side...

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recent weeks have left significant decisions in "my" hands.
some decisions were good- challenging- but potentially, could lead to incredible opportunities. 
others were discouraging, frustrating, and honestly, totally shocking. 

through all of this, i have once again recognized how lucky i am to have people in my life who have my back 100%- something that is an amazing blessing. 
my kids have been little lights to keep me focused on the present, reminding me what matters right now.
the independence my parents taught me growing up, and support in my decision-making, has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. 
i've also been reminded what a perfect support mike is- he is always by my side, but gives me wings to fly as i determine what is best for me (and in turn, our family). although i wish i received answers like others seem to, i'm learning that my Heavenly Father is always there as i move forward (usually feeling thoroughly blind:), allowing me to use my discernment and choose what is best. 

although i am confident, happy, and at peace, my insides are still feeling a bit bruised. 
unfortunately, i have seen how dark and cruel people (strangers i suppose) can be. 
fortunately, i have become even more deliberate in holding my children close to me, and am now moving forward resolved to do my best to teach them unrelenting kindness, goodness, and compassion. i want to teach with every ounce of my being that faith and morals are paramount. i want them to know that love is the first commandment. there is no excuse for cruelty or harsh words.

going through the motions sometimes leads us to conclusions- sometimes we just need the reminder of who we are- a quick stir to shake us from our stable place and make us grab those values that kept us rooted. repetition of the mundane or ordinary or even misunderstood patterns, eventually leads us to the realization that those habits weren't simple or mundane or ordinary at all.

Our very life depends on everything's
Recurring till we answer from within.
The thousandth time may prove the charm.
  - Robert Frost, "Snow"


  1. What a mysterious post... What's happening?? Hope all is wel

  2. I am sad for whatever meanness has been targeted at your family and happy for you coming out at peace. Keep being awesome, as kid president would say, and I hope good things come-- you guys deserve it!


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