it's been so long since i wrote about this sweet boy. 
i love looking back at elle when she was this age- i have forgotten so much since she was this small. i think the only reason i can remember stages and events and milestones is because i can come here, where i've plotted memories chronologically. i've been in such a funk lately, but i don't want to lose sight of the keeping of memories. i want to remember how incredible this boy is, and how great it is to have these two babies in my life. (and how could i have forgotten how similar they look!? what!?)

i feel like i remember the past 11 months in segments: 
- the "condo" stage where we lived, sleepless, in 800 sq. ft. and began life as a family of 4. 
- the "invading my parents townhouse" stage where we spent 6 weeks with my parents while our home was being built. jude slept in swaddles, and elle slept... in the hall:)
- the "disney world with two" stage where jude was bald and chubby and immobile (and sweaty- ugh, it was so hot!) and developed an appetite for solid food... 

since that last stage (in september), it's been a fuzzy blur of movement and change. our serene, calm baby has become a sneaky, mischievous, fast-moving ham who will be one in less than two weeks. he has crazy bed-head all day. he has my lousy sinuses and is constantly sneezing and covered in boogers. he learned to climb the stairs in a 5-minute timespan a couple of months ago, and since then, sneaks off to find mischief at any given moment. he doesn't talk much, except to say "ma-ma-ma-ma" when he's sad or needy. he smiles, smirks, and shakes his head "no" rapidly, 100 times a day. he eats more than his sister (by a long-shot), and has practically no interest in drinking anything when he can eat normal food instead. he has routines he loves. the hugs he gives when he wakes up are the best medicine, ever.

yesterday was just an ordinary day at home- we goofed off and played "frozen" for the umpteenth time. jude woke up from a nap and for some reason, my camera was in the hall. i don't remember the last time i took a picture of this boy with something other than my phone, but there we were. so here's my sweet jude, crusty boogers, bed-head and all... 

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  1. He is changing so much. I need to see that cute little face more. If he's anything like his cousins he never stops eating. Unfortunately that does not change with time - at least in this house. I feel like I am a full time chef.


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