55 glorious degrees!

i looked forward to this saturday like i look forward to a vacation- "55 degrees!" they predicted. 
it was part of everyday conversation: "hey! how are you? did you hear- it's supposed to be 55 this weekend!?" 
it's true. 
and when it came and it was 55, it was like magic. heaven. i couldn't care less that it was cloudy. no coats were needed, and we partied hard that afternoon. shopping for jude's birthday party. pizza for dinner. and a whole lot of time at the park in between! we realized poor jude has been cooped up for so long, he's never really "played" outside before. the last time it was warm feels like when we were at disney, and he just strolled that whole time. this day he was in awe- the dirt, the trees, the grass. elle just ran and ran and ran. it was so wonderful! 
^^ and this boy may or may not be turning 1 this week...
but i don't want to talk about it. i just can't. i can't! 


  1. looks like a fun time! great pics

  2. So I should be quiet on how warm it has been for us, right? ;)

    I just saw this video and had to share with you! You may have already seen it but it was filmed at the Ice Castles you were talking about (and visited) and I thought Elle might like it. :)


  3. I LOVE the one of you holding Jude's hands and Elle running up behind. They are all precious!


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