the ice castles.

i was soooo excited to check these out- i kept hearing people talk about the ice castles,  and was thrilled when we finally carved (zing!) out time to head to sunny, snowy, midway. 
oh, and let's be honest, the owners are probably loving life right now thanks to "frozen." i mean, it's about as picture perfect as one can get! and having an olaf to boot ( ^^ )? ... genius.
oh, and i kicked myself all day for forgetting my camera. shoot! (ha! zing again! ok, i'll stop.)
^^ we were there at noon when they opened, and the place was packed with "models" who were in the midst of photo shoots... it was pretty busy. either way, it was fun. elle loved it. 
and... jude loves anything as long as we include food...
...including cocoa and donuts because, well, we never made "healthy eating" resolutions this year:)
right next to the castles was an ice rink. we intended to just look, but mike thought it would be fun to take a little spin. i about fell on my face. elle screamed when she was with me, and hated every moment, so mike grabbed my skates and as always, was her hero. jude? he just wanted to crawl around any un-snowy surface.
^^ if you saw her face it would look angry, terrified, and all-around hating life. 
now? she begs to go back. she insisted she loved it. today i tried to clarify and she told me, "well, it was the coolest thing ever... just not with you. i'll go with daddy next time." burn.
by this time it was way past lunch and jude was still going strong, so we stopped at cafe galleria. this poor little restaurant seemed totally unprepared to handle the crowds of the day, but their "famous pizza and bagels" were lovely. (is it me or is that the strangest combo? oh well- they had me at bagel!)

midway is a really fun little town- nothing like i pictured after seeing this movie. (should i admit i watched that movie?)  i loved the swiss-ness. so wintery. and cheesy. and delightful, really. 

(wait, can we pause for a moment to chuckle at the slogan at the top of the midway home page? "a community that proudly enhances our small town swiss character and natural environment, as well as remaining fiscally responsible." :) 


  1. Oh my! I think I could spend all day walking around those ice castles- I wish I lived closer! Thanks for sharing your afternoon there!

  2. such an amazing place! looks magical and you look like you had tons of fun!
    nice photos!


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