welcoming 29, and saying goodbye to my teenage (teenage?) love.

so, i'm 29. the age that people "remain forever" (you know, didn't your grandma do that? i ask, "grandma, how old are you?" she replies without hesitation, "29.") 
i guess i'm there! 

the day started early like always (my kids are allergic to sleeping past 6am). followed by breakfast in bed. snotty kisses from a teething jude. a gold macaroni necklace from elle & mike- which is awesome! (and, let's be honest, i black friday shopped for myself and told mike he was off the hook since i bought my own presents. 20% off everything at anthro? yes, please! online black friday shopping is my new favorite thing.)
^^ at lunchtime, my sweet parents watched the kids while mike & i went to see "catching fire" and froze our bums off while we walked around the empty mall (wednesday b-days have their perks). 
 ^^ that evening we all went to the downtown olive garden- where mike & i went on our first date 9 years ago! oh, we're old. this time we wrangled kids, which is just so fun. after dinner, we went to the grand america's window stroll/scavenger hunt. we also walked around jou jou, which is always a delight!

now, birthday aside, can we talk a few minutes about paul walker dying? if you know me, you know that this is awful, depressing news. i may have had photos of him on my walls until i got married…… 
"the skulls" is one of my favorite movies ever (and "the truman show." i have weird favorite movies, but that's a different story). 

oh, paul walker!! 

i'm sorry, i don't care who you are, you have to agree that this man was beautiful. the epitome of perfection (...next to mike, of course...). blonde hair. blue eyes… once i told mike he wasn't my type (not recommended. that did NOT go over well)- it's ok though, my sweet husband totally understands (and agrees) that paul walker is a looker. anyway, point is, paul walker (yes, i always use his full name) was darn pretty, but most importantly, seemed like a great human being. the whole situation is just sad for both families involved. 

rest in peace, blue eyes.

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