thanksgiving, destruction of a christmas tree, and other random items to note:

oh, instagram! curse you! not really. i just post all the time, and my real camera is seldom pointed at my children these days. it's just to heavy to lug around in addition to my sumo baby and lanky toddler (and all their gear. i'm ready to move to hawaii and chuck this winter attire. except i really love boots. and jackets… ok, never mind.). anyway, all the "good stuff" is taken on my phone and logged and hashtaged since, you know, why not. 

i've had at least a session/week of family portraits for the last couple of months (which i love!), but my fingers and eyes are moderately sore from working/staring at my computer screen in most of my spare moments. again, hence the instagram-overload and blog under-load

now, for an incredibly high number of incredibly random photos from recent weeks:

1st item- thanksgiving! we hosted. and i loved it.
 ^^ the cousins drawing names for christmas.
 ^^ hey! mike and his sisters! is it me or do they look nothing alike? i mean, they're all just cute as a can be, they just looking nothing like each other:)
 ^^ part of a table. just one. because, again, the camera got lost somewhere around 12:17pm.
 ^^ oh, i did find the camera long enough to capture this turkey my mom made!
 ^^ and of course to document what 20 lbs. of mashed potatoes looks like. mike still insisted we were going to run out. (….. uh…..)

sometime that night… or maybe another day? not sure. but, just because it's awesome to watch jude experience the freedom of movement, here he is in his daily attire: pj's. 
(today i lost him for a minute… so i followed the sound of his snorting/panting, and discovered him by the toilet trying to eat toilet paper [it was clean, no worries... other than the fact that it's toilet paper.])
 oh, and jude's mission this christmas-season is to destroy the tree. or eat it. i'm not sure. we've never had a real tree before, but we love it so far! jude does too, just not the train tracks- they act like a cattle guard. see??? they stop him dead in his tracks. and he weeps. like a sad puppy. "WHYYYY!!??!" (insert laughter now.)

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