play time, stalactites/stalagmites, & a christmas party.

 ^^ her blonde head of loveliness gets me every time. 
 ^^ mostly, i just think this is crazy pants. i wish you could see them better, but outside one of our windows we have icicles (stalactites), and below… a stalagmite! i mean, i know it's just ice. buuuuut… that's coo coo! is it spring yet? brrr...
^^ getting ready for mike's office christmas party. i had this grand idea of taking a picture with mike, but then we got all distracted with getting ready to go… so, mostly i adore jude's faces in these pictures. 
^^ finishing off with the obligatory selfies outside the bathroom, because, well, why not? we forgot beforehand, after all. um, and office parties are hilarious. and far too seldom. it's been a while. we sat at the singles table that night. i felt old. and like a mom. and sober. but it made us laugh a lot, and realize how funny it can be to be on an actual date:)


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  1. Gosh, so I just ended my last blog post with cheers! and wondered where in the world I picked that up from. Found it. Sorry. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?


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