family pictures by yan.

very near the top of my bucket list was to have photos taken by yan
i mean, she's like, waaaay up there in my book of amazingness. 
we've only had family photos taken once before, so when i saw yan's mini sessions pop up, i practically jumped out of my chair and begged mike to agree that these were of the utmost importance.

one day i will hire yan to come to my home and take pictures- my favorite kind of pictures. (ideally, we'd all look amazing and be happy and get along, and no one would be tired or cranky... but that's just reaching too far, eh?) the reason i love pictures is because i love finding and catching moments. it's why i adore taking photos of my family and other families… it's not about staging (i just blabbed about this here on my photo blog), and that's why i admire yan. she has pure talent. she finds the most magical moments in the actual moments. no phony light or smiles or photoshopping heads… i mean, we all wish for another head or body sometimes, but we all know that's not going to happen. not every photo is perfect. but a photo represents a moment, and, well, it's the quirks and "flaws" that make someone someone. (i'm trying to remember that. easier said than done.) until we meet again, yan!

ps- mike may have made fun of me when i asked to take my picture with her. but then, she posted this photo of us on HER instagram, and it was about as close to feeling like a celebrity as i've ever come before:) 

(...except that one time when the lead singer of lfo kissed my cheek backstage before a concert when i was 15… but he died a few years ago, which is like, so sad and random…)
all photos by yan.


  1. What?!?!? You have a photo blog? These photos are so perfect. I love them. Trying to figure out how to get my Christmas card photos to look like this. You guys are the most beautiful family!

  2. Yay! Applause! How fun! The pictures are fabulous, Yan+ Petersens is a winning combination!


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