a few weeks of halloween, a few weeks late.

halloween ddddrrruuuuuuuggg out this year. 
we had a few different Church parties during october, plus, elle dressed up for dance, dressed up for preschool, mike dressed up for work, and then we all went out on actual halloween night. it was like a month straight of halloween-ness. and i ate way too many twix.
^^ i have random red hair dye spray stains on my carpet. they do not come out in case you were wondering. darn dye. mike as a redhead? yah, not so sure. 
^^ elle's costume was our disney leftover because we were too cheap to get her something else- so we were this pirate-ish family… plus sleeping beauty:) 
i "sewed" mike & my costumes. for a girl with an apparel & textiles degree, i sure loathe sewing:)
my costume changed each time. my sweet coworker let me borrow wings and a leotard which ended up being the winning look (plus a few layers. brrr!) halloween night.
mike? well, mike took this seriously.
seriously. so serious.
as in, amanda going shopping three separate times in search of leggings that met his color-matching approval. who does that? mike does that.
^^ oh! let's go backwards, shall we? our first church party was in the middle of october, and mike went like peter pan (obviously), but not without a quick stop at redbox en-route. 
that guy's face next to him? 
highlight of the halloween season. 
 ^^ at said party. mike was in charge of the "fish pond" while i helped with the cupcake walk in another room. jude scooted around and ate veggie-squeezies (and candy?? ehhh…). elle apparently roamed because we're lousy parents and didn't explore the carnival with her:)
 ^^ elle dressed like a cat for dance class since tumbling in a giant aurora costume didn't seem incredibly logical. 
^^ mike went to work like this. and let me just say- this guy stays in character. he skipped EVERYWHERE, and work was apparently no exception. word on the street is that he jumped ON everyone's desk throughout the day. also note the mini light-up lantern (tinkerbell) on his belt since i was unable to accompany him to work. and because he liked wearing a light-up tinkerbell mostly.
^^ red lips for the ladies.
^^ we only made it like to our trick-or-treating-starting-location before dramatic elle started sobbing, "i'm coooooolllld! i want to go home and go to bed! i hate candy!" lies, lies, all lies. but the drama is so normal it's scary. we tried to drag her around, but alas. halloween night was rather short-lived.
happy halloween, 2013!


  1. I love that Mike skipped all day. Totally something my husband would have done.

  2. Hahaha....redbox photo. Priceless.394

  3. ignore the 394. no idea where that came from.


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