part 4, our final days

so let me tell you a little story. patience is not my forte. end of story.
(that was a good one, huh!?) 
we deliberately planned a princess breakfast so we could avoid the mile-long lines to meet princesses... which works in theory, except there are a lot of princesses, and the breakfast features, like, 5. needless to say, princess elle recognized a rapunzel void. we had 1 day left, so we all headed back to the magic kingdom. we intended to go straight to meet tangled, but of course, the best laid plans oftentimes go a-rye, and long story short we spent 3 hours there and i have 2 photos to show for it. ahem:
(not pictured is me wanting to punch someone in the face.)
 elle & i were very clearly coming down with colds, jude was passing his patient stroller-riding prime, and the heat was getting to us. it was one of those days where although nothing went "wrong," nothing seemed to go right either. thankfully, we ended the trip on a great note- we spent sunset on the beach at the polynesian resort, one of my favorite places on all disney property. elle loved the beach much more than last year, and some hammock swinging did us good. oh, and that sunset! the sunset, guys! it's so good!
^^ oh! and smores! elle got to roast smores. 

we woke up our last day and after breakfast, went for a little swim. jude passed out cold while we packed up and checked out. per kopp tradition, we rented a boat and went out on the lake for a farewell cruise. so nice! 
...and one final shot of mister jude as we strolled through the airport looking like the beverly hillbillies. he just looked so cozy and entertained by our balancing of bags:)
i'm sure i'll do a little wrap-up post, but for now, this is all. 
our trip was magical and wonderful (and hot. have i mentioned hot?)
it is amazing to see our kids delight- even jude- there is so much joy here! it's amazing to share time with my parents and share so many experiences with them. traveling with me is most often not delightful (i need frequent food and a/c, otherwise, i'm quite beast-like)... but i am so thankful. thankful for the time together. thankful for a million memories. thankful for this family of mine!


  1. You have such a cute little family! Sounds like an awesome trip!!

  2. What a fun trip!! Gorgeous pictures on the beach!


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