part 3, epcot & the magic kingdom

epcot day means sweeeet food in france
(the best thing about epcot is eating. trust me on this one!)
epcot always makes me giddy.
 after being inside for a while at epcot, we emerged to find this...
 ^^ rain! and lots of it. so we headed back to rest, and reemerged decked out in ponchos, because, like, why not, right? (pretend we are paying attention to jude below.)
^^ eh, see? he's no worse for ware.

....and after said awkward rainstorm, we emerged the following day for a spontaneous trip back to the magic kingdom! we were going to take a day off, but we didn't, and thank the stars because this is the day before "the cold of death" struck...

a little ferry ride started the day off right with a cool-ish breeze.
 ^^ i spy with my little eye a creepy, unofficial peter pan.
AHH! no really, i'm not being rude. he was a few pixie dust shakes short of flying. maybe that's what he was going for? who knows. :-/
^^ a little monorail fun followed by some sweet hula hooping skills back at the hotel, brought to you by elle!


  1. Makes me want to go to Disney something soooo bad! Was it hard traveling with your little guy? I have a tiny new baby, and we wouldn't go for a while- but I was wondering if it was hard! And I love all of your travel tips!

  2. @ emily i was going to write a little more about this, but haven't gotten around to it yet! :) traveling with jude actually went REALLY well... better than i expected. he's a really good baby, and fairly laid back- my daughter didn't travel as well as jude does, so i think a lot has to do with their personalities? it seems like the earlier the better though- jude turned 7 months while we were away. he's just getting to be tougher, even in recent weeks since he wants to be more mobile. when he was small he was pretty adaptable and kind of just rolled with what we did. we snuck that trip in just in time! good luck and have so much fun! you should definitely go:)

  3. I've been dying to take a similar trip with our little family. Looks so fun!


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