happy 4th birthday, elle!

four years ago today, mike & i became parents. 
time passes by each day and i realize this is life- it's not about me, or even mike & i right now, it's about these magic mini people. 

four years and one day ago life was different- it's evolved in crazy, unexpected, incredible ways. it's been full of sleepless nights (full of them...:), tears over sick babies, countless laughs, moments of fear, moments of shock, moments of pride & gladness... every emotion i could imagine. parenthood has taught me so much about myself- how little i know, mostly, but more-so, that i can love with all of my being. little people who come into our lives as perfect strangers, but who grow to become what makes life, life. i doubt elle will remember many days, or even minutes, from the last 4 years... but i will remember a million. 

i'm so thankful for all those who have helped mold and shape my babies, elle in particular. our families, friends, coworkers, teachers- people that mean the world to our family. most are a thousand times more qualified to raise and teach a human being- thank you for helping us raise elle. thank you for giving and sharing and loving and teaching. we are so grateful for each of you! and of course, so thankful for our elle matilda.

elle, i love all of you my sweetheart!


  1. Love this post.
    Happy Birthday Elle!
    You have some pretty amazing parents. :)

  2. So, so true. Happy Birthday Elle!


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