elle's 4th birthday>>>

talk about an extended birthday! between disney festivities and a saturday friend party in the weeks leading up to elle's birthday, i thought for sure her actual tuesday birthday would be a wanh-wanh event, but really, what was i thinking? she's 4. and she worked it. and it was a lot. all that being said, there's nothing this little lady loves much more than preschool, donuts, friends, dance class, and her cousins. what a tuesday it was! 
^^ waking up to more decorations. (and one silly walgreens present that i got the eve of her b-day while getting jude's rx for an ear infection...)
^^ after preschool we went into my work where elle was showered with love from not only my coworkers, but the sweet general presidency who each spoil us all. a few incredibly thoughtful gifts, plus a dream catcher presented by pocahontas herself made it even more memorable:)
^^ some homemade cupcakes by elle & me while juju napped...
^^ and after dance class, we arrived home to a house full of family and pizza! score!
thanks to everyone who made her day(s) even better. we love you!

happy 4th sweet little lady!

(ps- did you notice the 5 changes-of-clothes in one day? there were more i'm sure... but i only have 5 documented:) 

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