part 2, the animal kingdom & a "day off"

^^ jude eats the map. mike eats jude. 
starting the day off at the animal kingdom right! no really, we were prepped to get wet this day- bring on kali river rapids! we longed to be drenched. loooonnged. oh, heat! blasted heat!
^^ ahhhhh, so much better.
^^ i'm fairly sure the highlight of our trip to disney last year was the face paint. naturally, we had to do it again. mike decided that instead of obnoxious matching disney shirts, we should get matching family face paint! we were quite the sight. because of mike's facial hair, he couldn't do the donald duck look he wanted. jude's little mouse face lasted about 4 minutes. he giggled as it went on, and then licked and wiped it off rapidly thereafter. elle, on the other hand, pursed her lips for an hour as to not disrupt her glitter lipstick...
^^ so... back in the day i used to work here as a college intern- you know, glamorous serving mac & cheese, makin' pizzas and being a cashier. oh, do i have some good stories about that place! long story short? we also used to stay there back in the day, and it's relaxing so we went to the resort to walk around. and shop for a fan (the only store on disney property that had said stroller fan).
^^ we took a day off from the parks and hung out. even though i'm not sure we rested at all? the days flew by! anyway, the new art of animation resort was just across the lake so we went on a little exploratory walk...
^^ we ate breakfast out by the pool each morning. a highlight of the trip, other than the fact that it was so busy it took an hour just to get breakfast... and jude did everything in his power to grab and destroy any and all objects in his path (oh! the syrup carnage! and the napkins eaten!).
^^ speaking of jude & food- he got good at "eating" on this trip- i mean, he's quite the puree-d veggie connoisseur, but this trip he was so into food that we were chucking anything his way just to distract him so we could eat a meal- graham crackers, bread, pretzel sticks, waffles... the faces he pulled were awesome. by the end he had drastically improved his toothless munch.
^^ 24 hours after the bibbidy bobbidy boutique || we had the same van as last year, and elle used the same magic trick to open the doors and trunk (with a minor modification): "disney world! disney world!" accompanied by 2 claps. awesomeness.

insert abrupt part 2 ending... now.

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