labor day.

elle stayed with my parents for 2 nights while we attempted to help jude sleep through the night (*sigh*)- which just so happened to be over labor day weekend! monday morning we woke up and after a little run w/ just the judester (who kept looking around like, 'what's the deal? where's the crazy little blonde girl?'), we realized it was much too chilly for our original plan to swim, so we decided on an impromptu trip to logan! we picked up elle from my parents', and headed up for an afternoon in one of our most favorite places.

coming out of sardine canyon, my heart instantly feels this strange sense of homesickness- not in a bad way though- does that make sense? i moved to logan from ohio when i was 17 and went to utah state. i thought i'd be there for a year, but i stayed for over 5. it's where i feel like i grew up in a sense- you know, heartbreak, awesome roommates, crazy roommates, walking everywhere, a wardrobe of all hoodies, graduating, being poorer than poor, meeting mike, dating mike, marrying mike, being a newlywed... all of it it seems happened in logan. i loved college and those years in that cold little valley...
^^ showing elle campus. she was much more interested in the squirrels than our trip down memory lane...
 ^^ campus looks really different! i feel old. one new sight was this awesome monument in honor of 8 students who died in an accident back in 2005 while we were attending usu.
 ^^ take that future girls who try to kiss my man and make him a true aggie! (jude looks overwhelmingly pleased to kiss me, eh?)
^^ we went back to edgehill where we met- those apartments on the bottom floor were ours! good times, good times.
 ^^ gettin' ready for a little sweet & sour chicken from mandarin garden.
 ^^ our first little place was actually in the basement of that little place. it was a 150 sq. ft. studio that was so small we could hardly stand up straight, our clothes were mostly in the trunk of our car, and when you sat on the toilet you had to sit crooked because your knees rammed into the washing machine. it was the best. i have such fond memories of that little basement apartment! isn't it strange the things you miss?
 ^^ feeding the ducks at first dam.
 ^^ that night we went to a "sofia the first" party at station park- which was really just face painting, balloon animals, and a visit by rapunzel & ariel. kind of confusing to an adult, but perfectly pleasing to an almost-four-year-old! (oh, and by this time we were aching for that swim- it was so hot!!)
(see our other visits to logan here. take note of how much our babies look alike! this is when we went to logan w/ elle at almost exactly the same age as jude is now. that hair!!! oh, that hair.)


  1. I love posts like this, reminiscing about good times is one of my favourite things to do - I have such fond memories of university and of places I've lived, it's so good to look back on it all sometimes xx

  2. How awesome that you do this. Even though we were only there 1 year, I want to reminisce and explore campus and remember those old days, too. We should. I LOVE the shot of you kissing Jude on the A. That face! And that first apartment sounds awesome. So so strange and awesome. Love it!


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