i won't call it that...

...but at the end of the day, this is a "first day of preschool" post. 
i can't help it! i have to record this for posterity's sake.
but good gracious, there were about 478 of these on facebook this week! (anyone else sick of facebook? every time i get on i think, 'why don't you just delete this?' blegh. no offence, fellow facebookers. 97% of the posts were either first day of school posts, or posts of people complaining and/or being rude. such a downer! well... the complaining/downer part... anyway, moving on to lighter topics including redundancy! you're welcome.)
oh, and i'm sure there'd be more "back to school" posts on blogs... if anyone blogged anymore! silly people. get with it! i like being nosey!

ahem, presenting: elle's first day of second-year preschool! (that makes it sound even more legit, right? oh, the joys of parenthood- it's the small things, people!) she looooves her teacher, and get this- she's in an all-girls class! oh, bless miss charity. i shall be praying for her (miss charity that is). did i mention an all-boys class follows an hour later...? (if i could stick an emoji in after that sentence, it'd be the shocked, uh-oh, straight-faced, terrified-looking emoji.) 
hang on, miss charity!

here's elle. she's a ham.
that's all there is to it.
(last years post here.)
...and i am now awarding myself with the "most parentheses used in a single blog post" award.

1 comment:

  1. Such a beautiful little girl :)
    I get what you mean about facebook, I deleted mine last April and haven't looked back - plus it means I can pretend i didn't know about it when I deliberately miss a party I don't want to attend (harsh, maybe, but necessary)
    Also, yes, why is no-one blogging right now??? I need to read! xx


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