dutch oven...

we have some great friends. we go waaaay back with paul & katie- paul and mike went to school together, and paul was around when mike & i were "just friends" through getting married. paul was also the other male counterpart to endure europe with mike and i back when we were dating (bless paul's heart- can you imagine the torture?). paul & katie (and their little guy, evan) are awesome, and even though we live a mile away from each other now, we don't get together nearly enough. along with our kidlet counterparts, we went up the canyon to dutch oven one night last week. paul & katie made some amazing lasagna, and we brought frozen garlic bread and s'more stuff (super homemade. have i mentioned camping is not my forte?).

this was this first day where the thought crossed my mind that we may actually be nearing autumn. between the shade, cool air, and breeze, it was incredible to not feel smothered in stifling summer heat.  i'm so excited for fall!

(^^ pretend jude is not dressed in a girl sweater. darn mosquitos.)
^^ who needs to smell like campfire when you have a creme brulee torch? we know how to roll.
^^ a little butane-flavored marshmallow. cheers!

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  1. Will you send me the group picture? It turned out pretty good! Nice timer work!


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