like a cat.

on my "top 5 favorite things about our new house" is that we have 2 a/c units- one upstairs, and one downstairs. (is that strange? it's strange. i'm strange.) 
when we go to bed, the upstairs thermostat goes from 78 to 73 (ahh! cool air!), and the downstairs unit goes from 76 to 78. that being said, i have NO idea how this child is cold downstairs in the morning- she will grab her blanket and lay just like a cat in window light. 

strange little lady. 
(cute, but strange:)

(ps- is 78 ridiculously hot to anyone else?? i hate these hot summers! we kept our condo at like 69 during the summer... but now that we've tripled our square footage, i am sure the sky-high electric bills are not worth the cooler temperatures!)

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  1. Oh we keep our temp at 77(which nate hates) and the kids are always wrapped in blankets in the summer. I think it's time to switch to a swamp cooler so they will actually appreciate central air.


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