life is like a game of ping pong.

All. Is. Crazy. 
It's really good! But it's crazy. More and more I rely on Instagram instead of my blog- that whole "downloading pictures" thing? Too time consuming:) That being said, I refuse to stop documenting our lives via blog- I love to blog! And it's my chance to catch up with, well, myself, by telling more than just random bits & long hashtags:)

Somehow in the span of just a few months we had a baby, built and moved into a house, Mike started a new job, and we both got new- somewhat substantial- callings at Church. Actually, all of those except Jude happened in the past month.
It's a lot all at once. 
It's been well over a year since I've slept through the night, and I'm really missing sleep, let me tell you!
Mike did get some time off between jobs, and we were able to do a little more with the house, as well as spend some good family time together. 

Elle is starting preschool again in just a few weeks, and Jude is rolling and trying to sit up and apparently loves steamed carrots like nobody's business (ok, we only tried them once last night, but he pouted and cried whenever the spoon left his mouth. Darling I tell you! That pout! Oh, it melts me). 
Jude and Elle are interacting a ton, and it's my favorite thing ever. It stops me dead in my tracks, which is almost unheard of for me- they just play. They laugh and seem to be trading inside jokes. Sinister plans that they don't want me to know about. I'm in trouble soon, I can feel it. Their laughs make my life though. The best sound in the world.

I  look at that little girl up there ^^ and just can't help but smile. She's getting so big. She is a person. A smart person. (Too smart sometimes.) That's her watching a movie while trying to play ping pong. I swear there's some hidden symbolism in the fact that we try and spend time each evening as a family playing ping pong (don't mock, don't mock). We're just running around, trying to get better at balancing it all. 
I never was good with ping pong though... :)

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  1. Do you have the Blogger app on your iphone?? It's AWESOME. I honestly blog so much more on our family blog now that I have that app. I take pics on my phone, do any quick editing in Snapseed, then just blog away. It doesn't allow you as much leeway with formatting, but it's SO much easier! Just thought I'd share. :)


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