eh... a little late on this one.

(pretend this isn't weeks late. and that it's not pathetically sparse.)
^^ we got our keys on the 3rd of july and met at the new house. i have this inner battle where i feel like i'm always too busy trying to take pictures instead of enjoying the moment without a camera in my hands... so anyway, the pictures are random and lame. oops! as soon as we did the ceremonious turning of the key... it didn't open. wrong key! hence elle's face above. kind of entertaining. 
 ^^ for the next hour, elle just ran. ran & ran & ran. oh, & rolled. ran & rolled. 
jude laughed & kicked. he's super good at that stuff:)
(^^ our first dinner & breakfast in our new place.)

it's so crazy to compare moves without children to moves with children. it's hardly comparable, actually! everything takes muchmuchmuch longer. hence the dead air around here (we all know i'm a religiously predictable blogger, am i right?)- it's been insane. i feel like elle looks rolling around on the floor (^^)!  :)

we planned on moving everything into our garage the night of the 3rd (after mike got off work), but also threw in a spontaneous trip to provo to pick up new furniture. it was well over 100 degrees and exhausting!  people were so kind to actually help us- who does that!? keepers, i tell you. 

the 4th we painted the kids rooms... as we did on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th... & so on.

we  my dad hung 3 new lights.

we had installers over to hook up our new washer & dryer, blinds, internet, tv, & water softener within a few days of each other. (we are also still trying to catch & kill all the bugs that migrated into our house with the doors open for a week straight.) 

we bought and returned a million things as we tried to move & reshuffle everything we own. 

we put up molding in the kids rooms, and had the brilliant idea to attempt crown molding in jude's room... FAIL! a lot of money and weeks later, it's finished. lesson learned! never again.

also throw in some swimming lessons, work (changes there! more to come on that one as well), and some photo sessions... 
plus kids. an almost-4-year-old (who we're thinking about selling if anyone's interested), and a little (almost 20 lb.) baby boy who is a dream, but who is getting so big & curious (happy 5 month, juju!)... he's also eating rice cereal with delight, which is quite monumental. i mean solids? that's almost as cool as a new house:)

oh, i'm so tired! (can you tell? this was all over the place, huh? :) more to come, i promise!

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