"camping" at clear creek...

^^ do you just die!? i love it. baylor just got cuter & messier as the day went on.
 ^^ mike's fish (which ironically are in the bottom corner of this bucket, invisible to the naked eye. imagine they're there). one was "sick..." :-/ and went to find the doctor downstream. *wink wink*
 ^^ mike's grandpa carved his initials in '77, and we carved our initials (last time we were there) in '07.
mike's family has gone camping at clear creek for ages. i've been... well, twice. i'm such a horrible wife. i think i'm just allergic to camping or something. 
an overall lack of coordination walking around sticks and rocks. 
it's a disaster, really. 
ALAS! we went up for the day and had a great time. it was also juju's 5 month birthday! he looks older and wiser, don't you think? other than the horse flies, bees, and a daughter who is scared of everything, we did pretty good! elle had an awesome time with her cousins, and we all had fun being with family for the day. oh! and we finished the day with dutch oven for dinner, which is maybe the yummiest food ever. i may consider camping more often if it included dutch oven food... ooooor... maybe i'll just buy a dutch oven and use it on my gas stove. 

not pictured is the on-the-way-home adventure of elle having to pee, and refusing to go on the side of the road. brilliant mike calmed a hysterical toddler by rigging a toilet out of our disposable cooler. check out my instagram for that winner- it's a good one! ;)


  1. Uhm...thanks for watching my straggler of a child who was following grandpa and the other kiddos. Clearly grandpa,and that cute kids parents, were not paying attention to him. And the dutch oven..... yes, one of my favorite foods to eat.


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