i'm sensing a lot of digging in our future...

over the weekend we went to the new house to add a few extra tv jacks. my dad came over to teach us   do most everything   help with the install. mike & i were reminded how un-handy we are. but we're learning! 
(by we, i mean mike.)
while the boys worked, elle made food out of dirt (she's so resourceful!). ^^ above she's adding "sugar" to some "cake." yuh-ummm!
^^ after the 98th time of me saying, "GROSS! don't touch that! it's not yours... and it's dirty!" i gave up. whatever. hence the styrofoam headband. 
oh, and why not play with a used 7-eleven cup and spoon while you're at it? awesome. i'm sure they're super sanitary. (*gag*)
^^while elle played & the boys worked, the littlest boy sat in his carseat as i stood and rocked him with my foot (my talents are plentiful).
i delighted in the shade under our covered porch like a little old lady. 
it was 70 degrees, breezy, and perfectly sunny- just about the most lovely day any person could ask for!
^^ taking my order at the drive-through via her "notebook" and "pen." 
naturally, i ordered a malt. can you tell? 
rock = malt. nail = straw. 
^^ after repeating (again) not to throw sawdust in the air, she ignored, and ended up with sawdust in her eye. after a good weep-fest, i cuddled her like mommies do, and she fell asleep. i remember her doing that once before taking off on a flight to ohio... when she was 4 months old. i have no other memories of that happening in elle's existence. she also stayed asleep as i walked around, the boys pounded and sawed, and as i laid her down and picked her up again for more cuddles. oh, golly it was fun.
^^ back at home, jude stretched out from all that car seat confinement.
^^ and having nothing to do with saturday, other than the weather was almost as nice, jude wore his first pair of shoes to church. i'm not sure why baby shoes are made, since one was lost by the time we got to church. but that's ok. they're cute for about 17 seconds while they stay on:)

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