a date with some animals...

(i'll let you guess on the "animals" afore mentioned.)
my cute mom took me & my littles on a date to baby animal days last week. it was hhhhhhot. (i swear the first hot day of the season is like the first snowfall of the season. mass confusion. and chaos. and no one quite knows what to do with themselves.)
elle was delirious with...  heat? exhaustion? feeling sick of her mom? (probably the latter.) jude was uncomfortable because he was smothering in his hot clothing. it was seriously one of those moments when i was trying to balance the car seat (too heavy). then the bjorn (too hot). then in-arm (sun's in his eyes). bless that boy, he just wanted sleep! then there was elle. grumpy, hungry elle who just wanted attention. i'm like a lost, confused puppy at times, clueless what to do with two. you think i'd be used to this by now! alas, no.
my mom was so nice. and patient. i was a horrible date! sorry mom. i'm a hot mess. (no pun intended.)
^^just pointing out he's in 6-9 month clothing. at 2 months. bam! chunk.
^^the horse ride was so fast this is the only picture i got of elle! ON.OFF. :)
^^$4? poor things! i always feel bad when living things have a price tag. nothing like giving a dollar amount to measure one's worth:-/ awkward!
^^when did elle turn 12? she acts looks 12.


  1. Um, did you just have a baby?? Geez, skinny gal! You are a fantastic, beautiful mama, and P.S. I don't know if balancing two kids EVER gets easier haha! Best of luck.

  2. What a gorgeous Mom of three you are! You look like you are pulling it off beautifully!

  3. Oops! Mom of TWO is what I meant!


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