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^^headed to church this morning. on time. which, like, never happens now that we're a family of 4. (and i reeeallly hate being late!)
^^ trying out vito's a couple weeks ago
^^ work hike to ensign peak- it started with sunshine and soon became a hike in the eye of a storm:)
^^ a little dreamboat, dreaming
 ^^ i've said it a hundred times & i'll say it a million more, but i can't believe how big these kids of mine are getting! (saying "kids" is just weird.) elle's personality & jude's rolls are multiplying. all those 0-3 mo. clothes? yah, they don't fit. where have these last 7 weeks gone? or... 3.5 years? i'm not sure.
oh! and rather than losing hair on the back of his head, jude's hair is just falling backwards! the back is holding strong, while the top is vanishing. it adorably accents the round chubbiness of those cheeks...

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  1. The girl, the braid, the dress, the light = pure gold!


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