new house...

sooooo... we're building a house! 
(like 1/8 mile from where we live now.)
this whole 4 people in 850 sq. ft. thing is tough! we have no extra space. no closet. no extra bathroom. no extra anything, really! jude's smashed in our room, meaning our tiny (non-walk-in) closet is blocked by the pack-n-play, so we really can't reach clothes without jumping on the bed and doing downward-facing-dog to reach clothes... super fun! elle and jude can't share a room yet because he's the loudest sleeper on planet earth (with your eyes closed, you'd swear you were at the zoo!), and because he likes to wake up and eat (*sigh*). 
it's tiring.

after talking to a realtor (or two. or three. or four), our fears were confirmed- we likely won't break even for a few more years, and since we can't imagine years more of squishy living, we looked into renting our condo and moving. the good news? the stars aligned and literally forced us in this direction. we felt (feel) extremely irrational and nervous carrying two mortgages, and renting our our first place, but we know that things are happening for a reason. we love the area, and are so excited to stay! we also love that we can walk/drive by the house multiple times a day week:) 
(no really, we walk by every night. aaaand drive by every morning.)

if you follow me on instagram, you've seen the near-daily progression. they're bookin' it! in less than 48 hours we went from a hole with cement... to a 2-story house (this was sunday when we only had a first floor. now it's completely framed, some walls are up, and windows and duct-work are in!) >>>
more to come!


  1. Two things: One, I am so jealous! I wish we could build a new house, it looks so fun! Two: Your hair is fabulous!
    Oh, and three: love you guys.

  2. That Is sooooo exciting. And also, I love your outfit.


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