a name & a blessing...

at the last minute we decided to bless jude at church on sunday- somehow the stars aligned, and everyone in our family (& some friends!) were in town. it's a good thing we didn't wait until next month since our chunk of a baby wouldn't have fit into his old man sweater suit:) ps- isn't that outfit just the best? i kind of died when i saw it. remember elle's blessing? yes, we've officially started a cable-knit tradition. 
and he's barefoot. little hippy man. with lazy parents. who needs socks/shoes anyway?
jude was a dream- he's such a stud! oh, except when i wanted to take pictures of him. and he was hungry. didn't go so well... never mind on that one...
after church we headed to our clubhouse since our house can't fit 30 (in a few months we'll have a bigger place- hooray!). my sweet boss sent cookies. my mom made quiche (love her. love quiche). the kids played. elle was in heaven. jude slept. it was a lovely morning!
and one final scowl > twirl from elle. 
the end!


  1. I love all the photos! Especially seeing your mom and dad! Give them a hug for me...
    Congrats on such a beautiful family Amanda!

  2. Really he is the cutest little boy ever! Such a awesome day!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm.........quiche! You need to have many more babies so your mom will continue to make the quiche. Mine doesn't taste as good as hers.

  4. So sweet!!
    Elle's hair is looking so long! She totally looks like Rapunzel with that braid! ;)


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