christmas 2012.

christmas traditions continued- we spent christmas eve up north with mike's family, and christmas day at ours & my parent's house. it was all just right.

highlights for posterity's sake include: 1) elle gluing her lips closed thinking the glitter glue it was lip gloss, and 2) the first thing out of elle's mouth when she saw the christmas tree on christmas morning was- "OH! santa came!!!... hey- where's my minnie cash register? oh- there it is!" you see, she's been asking for this cash register for a month straight. it's all she wanted. (other than a cat. which she didn't get.) she was worried santa didn't shop at costco, but we assured her the elves could find one... as long as she was good this year. we of course bought it and it was wrapped and under the tree... it about killed us that she made that comment right off the bat... and that she recognized the box, wrapped, amidst the other little packages. oh, that girl!!

well, we were filled with food, fun, lots of pj time, snow, and more food. i think i'm still sick. i forgot when i hit this stage of pregnancy it's crucial that i stop eating before i feel full, otherwise, i have to stand the remainder of the day in order for my food to attempt and digest past this belly of mine! ugh. food. why must you be so good!?

merry christmas!

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  1. Hey...I think I dusted that last table a few times when I was your cleaning lady! ;)
    Hope you had a great Christmas. Love you family!


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