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on thanksgiving night my cute grandma passed away in ohio. that fiesty little lady has fought a 25+ year battle with cancer, and although i heard the words, "she's not going to make it much longer..." more times in my life than i can recall, she passed away that night following some long weeks of being miserable. i have endless memories of visits to my grandparents, and summers spent in ohio (i used to go out for a month or so when we lived out of state). i'll miss so many things about her- the way she made toast, her salad dressing, her wicker plate holders, her love for gambling and tom selleck, the smell of coffee in the mornings, how she'd cuss in italian, the way we'd sit on her couch and watch 'the commish,' 'matlock,' 'murder she wrote,' and 'baywatch' late into the night, and the fact that she always let me eat ice cream as a main course. we were super close. she's been sick all my life, but reeeeally sick the last decade. on mike & my first date i told him about my (sick) grandma and that i wished he could meet her one day... well, she made it another 8 years, and met my little girl a handful of times. now i'm confident she's teaching my little boy all her good tricks, and making sure he's taken care of up in heaven until he makes his arrival in a few months. 

our trip to ohio was very last-minute, and sad for reasons i never expected. my family has a tendency toward drama, and sadly, there was a lot of tears and hurt feelings. oh, people. someone wise once told me the real challenge in this life is to make it through without killing one another- to learn to "play nice." it's a never-ending battle of learning for everyone i guess.

for a couple who prides themselves on traveling, and traveling frugally, this trip was a kick in the stomach- our airline tickets cost more than i make in 2 months. that's a fun pill to swallow:-/ that being said, we went together as a family of 3.5 (at least the .5 was free!)... and traveling with a 3-year-old was a dream compared to the non-sleeping baby of yore!
^ let it be known that an iPad saved the day on the plane. i mean, seriously!! amazing. and yes, elle's eyes are a millimeter from the screen.  // elle magazine (the magazine, not my elle)? every page-turn has an add. for reals. no wonder it's so darn thick! // we were so thankful to be able to stay with my mom's brother and sister-in-law. they let us take over their 2nd floor, and elle was in heaven with their 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 stellar princess bed. they did live waaaaay out in the country which i find... distant, but pretty:) // i'm fairly sure that funeral home hasn't changed in my entire life. i've been to a pathetically large number of funerals there. i ran up/down the same halls back in the day as my little blondie did... ps- does every funeral home have the same carpet? i think so. // before flying home we were able to meet up with 2 of my best friends from high school, alex & jay, and their cute families (also in town for the holidays). i love them all so much!! it is trippy to see us all wrangle our children, however. kids? what? // that scream 3 pictures up? that's elle yelling, "I'M SO EXCITED TO BE ON THE PLANE, I DON'T EVEN MISS THE PUPPIES!!" hilarious. also, we told her that the seat recline button landed the plane. that was a hit!

more ohio here.

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  1. I am so so sorry about your grandma, Mandy. She was such a cool woman and I'm so thankful I at least got to meet her a couple times. I know she will be deeply missed.


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