all over the place, dudes.

my mind... it's all over the place. let's have a chat on randomness, shall we? today we'll discuss pregnancy, blogging, and see what a random fall morning involves when you live in less than 900 sq. ft...

"you're just not one of those women... who was meant to be pregnant."
normally, i would assume a wife would punch her husband in the face when he randomly blurts that out... except... i couldn't agree more. i actually nodded and smiled, "true."
bless his soul, mike is a patient man. pregnancy does not suit me well. i am literally, a crazy person.
my pregnancy w/ elle was tough- lots of bedrest, lots of sickness, and lots of fear. this pregnancy? this little boy? yah, he's kicking my butt. literally. pregnancy doesn't happen easily for us, and i'm about certain that two kids will be the perfect number! i'm so thankful to have the chance to be a mom- to be able to grow a little person in my insides- i am! but it is hard stuff. i heard too many people say that boys were easier to carry, but he's sure proving that theory wrong! i'm finally passing the constantly-wanting-to-puke phase (now that it's been 6 months)... but my entire body is in turmoil. he's settled on my sciatic nerve, and most days i can hardly move. i get stuck all the time- i can't get off the toilet, i can't reach my feet, i can't stand for more than 84 seconds, and i walk like a little old lady. add in the forgotten quirks like nose bleeds, constant intestinal battles, legs that twitch all evening, a belly and belly button that are already stretched to (what seems like it should be their) maximum capacity, a massive aversion to water, and have i mentioned the hormones? oh, people. the hormones. the funny thing is that as negative as that all sounds, i do go back and forth between depression, horror, fear, and pure gratitude that another baby is coming our way. that my crazy girl is getting a brother. she's elated. our family will welcome someone who will be completely new and refreshing! but woah. pregnancy and me. wow. oh, and i'm also kind of terrified of those all-nighters, sleeplessness, diapers (and a diaper bag again? oy!), and the demands that come along with a cute, squishy, ball of cuteness... eek!

i need to catch up on that blog over there... in the mean time, there are some cute new family photos posted. speaking of blogging, have you visited butter lately? just in case you've forgotten, thanskgiving is the day after tomorrow. and you should make this stuffing. because it's the best. and it's my favorite memory of thanksgiving from childhood:)

(a whole lotta pictures) around the house these days
i've grown to love this age- even though 3 has been tough, tough, tough, elle requires no special food, she climbs into/out of her own car seat, she is potty trained, she shops with me, and bribery works a large portion of the time. our lives are changing again. and i have moments when i wonder just how different things will be? i like to freeze moments in our tiny house. in our pj's (actually, go ahead, count! 3 clothing changes & 3 different hairstyles for that little lady in the 15 minutes i was holding my camera:). i'm savoring these last few months of being just us + a bump...
(p.s. - mike made elle that stellar playhouse the other day. man, he's good. and man, he makes me look bad.)

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  1. Oh Amanda I SOOOO can totally relate to how horrible pregnancies are...I think I seriously have PTSD from mine. They were awful boy and girl! I just feel for you because it is literally torture at times...and what is more frustrating is that there are SO SO SO many women who's pregnancies are a piece of cake! Anyways I am so happy that you get both sexes because I am SO grateful that I have both and can be done! I can't wait to see your little man cub!


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