pumpkin patch.

now that elle is getting older, it's so much fun to see traditions forming & her actually recognizing patterns. halloween has been a lame-o holiday in the petersen household, and we've been determined to make drastic overhauls! first off? our first trip to the pumpkin patch! we rolled it into the "weekend-o-3rd-birthday-festivities." and it was awesome. 
except that elle's hand was attacked by some freak mosquito, and has been swollen to a horrifying level, red, and super creepy. (think cabbage patch hand.

(second on the list of halloween overhauls, and also taking place last saturday, was decor! it only took 12 halloweens together to finally put up a decoration. we have decor, peeps! so exciting. and yes, we did decorate on september 30th. don't judge.)

back to the patch! here we go!

^AH! MOMENT OF MOSQUITO IMPACT! i love capturing moments. i wish less were like this & this.
ps- note the mud on elle's face. she would have been horrified if she knew it was there. ew. mud? on this girl? no thanks.
pps- speaking of mud, toms were not made for pumpkin patches. whether they be mike's, or elle's... neither survived the patch. doh!

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  1. I'm still here and following the darling Peterson family! What's happening to blogging these days?! I feel like I used to spend oodles of time each day/week catching up with all my favorite peeps and now I rarely check my normal favorite spots once a week! I still love all your photography and your beyond darling family! Loving your bump! Two kids is the best. So busy, but so fun.

    Hope all is well with you guys!



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