i'm insanely anti-clutter. i hate having "stuff" around. there's no room for you in my life, junk! with just a few exceptions, i hold on to very little. that being said, let me confess: ever since 1996 (i feel old), i've been obsessed with pictures from magazines. and shopping from magazines. i think it's where my love for fashion came from, and why it was obvious what i wanted to study in college- i always knew i'd never be a designer since i'm lousy at creating, but i really love seeing things. and putting them together. i know what i love when i see it. i'd rip out pages from magazines: clothes, hair, roxy ads (i loved roxy ads. i thought for sure i'd be a beach bum one day). i'd plaster those pages across my walls as little inspiration board for... well, who knows really:) i guess they just made me happy! 

it's almost 2013. (have you noticed? what?! 2013?!) thanks to pinterest, external hard drives, and the fact that we'll be adding another person to our 800 sq. ft. home, it's time to purge more of the little we do have. it was time to part with my stash of papers.

it's funny the coincidences i found- in all honesty, i'd still wear 99% of what i ripped out of those magazines 15 years ago. really! i loved seeing the trends. the stores (no h&m or forever 21 to find affordable knock-offs in "those days"). the ads. the people. tyra banks was still a model. WAAAY too many current actors were no-name models back then, hidden in random advertisments (i.e.: ashton kutcher). awesome! now, the good news for me is that it's a lot less weird to pin things, rather than to rip out pages of magazines... even though i'm pretty sure it's for the same reason? either way. i'm saving space this way. peace out, paper. oh, and mike? you can thank me. boo-ya! i found another chunk of space to shove baby wipes.

ps- i still have trouble letting go of anthropoligie catalogs. anyone else? i wish i could just leap through the pages and live in a pretty anthropologie-adorned world:) 

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