in-motion: our euro trip...

(note to self: take more video clips in life.)
although there's nothing like pictures, there's also nothing like the memories you catch (and laugh at hysterically a month later. i mean seriously? the awkwardness!) when things are caught in-motion...


  1. Fun! We could all do with a little more video-memories of our lives. Thanks for sharing. And good song.

  2. I love all your travel tips! My husband and I are looking at going to Honolulu, Hawaii in January because we have some airfare vouchers. We found a good deal on airfare...but have no idea what to look for in a hotel, price wise etc. Where have you been that you would reccommend? Or what tips could you give?

  3. thanks @emily! seriously, out of everywhere, we long to go back to hawaii constantly! it's just wonderful. you'll have the best time! i'd start with what's most important to you for your vacation- location? beach time? type of vacation? cost? pick the top one, and go from there. the north shore is much more "chill" than the waikiki area, but there aren't any hotels (other than pricey turtle bay). in waikiki, you can go for a "nicer" hotel, or skimp on the hotel and realize that it may not be "resort-y," but you'll save lots of $$$! oyster.com is my favorite site to look at hotels- they have the best pictures! then, just shop around for best rates! sometimes expedia, orbitz, etc. have specials where you can save "X" off "4 nights" or something like that. if you're staying a week, vacation rentals from sites like vrbo.com may be a good place to look- note that there is usually a cleaning and deposit fee.

    when we went to HI last time we chose a cheap hotel- http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/hotels/aqua-waikiki-pearl/#. it was definitely bare-bones, but it was cheap and CLOSE to the beach! for a little more we almost stayed here (great location & breakfast is included)- http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/hotels/aston-waikiki-beach-hotel/photos/#; we've also stayed here- http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/hotels/outrigger-reef-on-the-beach/photos/, which was ON the beach. we've done bed & breakfasts, but the bugs and lizards are crazy and i like being higher up and away from them:) haha. there are literally hundreds of options! i'd also recommend a car on oahu- the traffic is DREADFUL, but it's worth the car. note that most hotels have crazy rates to park, and limited parking stalls. i'd also make sure you have rental car coverage (check your CC's- they have great rates sometimes on auto coverage! less than your insurance). we've only had trouble with rental cars in hawaii:) we were hit once and that totally put a damper on our vacay! it was a costly mistake! anyway, a car i worth the cost and freedom. you can shop around for the best rate- i usually find the best deals through costco (if you have a membership), or through airline websites (i.e.- Delta or SW give us good mileage points for booking through them, and their rates are comparable to travel sites).

    this is a link that may help, too!

    have so much fun!!!


  4. oh you guys kill me. I love this video! I need to remember to capture more videos in life, too!


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