elle's 3rd birthday weekend...

we had lots of cupcakes. and a cake. on multiple days. we celebrated friday - monday (her actual birthday). monday while mike worked, elle & i got gussied up- she requested i do her hair curly (repeated 3 times in one day thanks to that silky hair that refuses to hold curls), and paint her nails. my nails were also requested to match. we met mike for a lunch date (elle's lunch request: cafe rio), followed by playing in the grass and some sunshine. that night, one more round of fun, this time, a little family party with a super fancy cake made from scratch by her amazing daddy + in-n-out for dinner (don't count our calories), + visits by my parents, and mike's dad and fiance... oh, the fun we all had! also shown below: multiple dresses. stick-on earrings (remember those!??!). fingers topped with olives. daddy coming home w/ a card & flower for the birthday girl. elle learning to cross her eyes at the dinner table- hil-arious. not photographed: elle's reaction as she opened each gift, repeated multiple times (beginning before she actually got to the present inside): *gasp. gasp!* "OHH! it's SOOOOOOO kuh-UUUUU-TE! ohhhh!!!!" her long-anticipated tangled wedding dress was revealed (she's obsessed with brides), and our entire house (including our vaulted ceilings) are covered in gold glitter. still. a week later:) man, she's cute though! if anyone's in the market, that dress is the nicest, most well-made princess dress, ever! it's so pretty! :) she was one lucky lady- thanks from us all for all her fun presents and birthday wishes!!


  1. What a beautiful little girl you have.
    Birthday extravaganza's are the best...I have a little girl that thinks her birthday should be a week long event. I have to admit - I feel the same way! :)
    Happy Birthday to Elle.

    AND - I heard you ran into Christine at Conference...LUCKY DUCKS! Good seats I heard too. She said you have a sweet little tummy. We need to see a tummy shot soon!

    Take Care Amanda!

  2. You guys know how to treat a girl for her birthday! Love!

  3. Aww, this is the cutest birthday! Since following your blog, I've realized that when your cute little Elle does something or hits a milestone, Drake will be right around the corner since he's just a few months younger than her. This one I'm not sure I'm ready for! THREE! What?! That's so big! She is darling and such a girly girl it seems like and you are the coolest mom! :)


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