rome, day 6+ (the finale!)

on our last full day in rome we decided that we'd seen everything we hoped for (twice), and decided to make our way to the beach (ostia lido). it was a pretty quick 40 minute trip via the metro. we followed trusty little italian women,  hoping they would lead us toward water and a free public beach:)
kind of really ugly. but that's ok! it was an ugly day:) we pulled out our market finds. including another bottle of sparkling water. DUDE, why can i not pick out flat water? it was driving me crazy! i hate fizzy water. ick.
after the beach, we went back to our favorite market for some random needs- salad. more yogurt (did you read about said yogurt over on the butter blog? this yogurt is serious business). pringles that made our breath stink for like... 2 days. a banana. MORE flipping sparkling water (i'm not kidding. i can't read the hints that there are "bubbles" in italian). 
it was raining so we sat on a stoop like sad, homeless people, and laughed our heineys off at the randomness of our lunch. please also notice that i ate an entire salad with a fork the size of my pinky.
we were starting to feel like this...
finally, we made our way back to the colosseum and ran in the rain to a cafe with a view (oh boy, was it a view!) for some dinner...
that night we finished off just like we started- on the spanish steps with some gelato. we (i) relished in conversation- i think it's a sign you're getting older when the thing you love the most about a vacation sans-child is that you can have all the conversations you want with your spouse. poor mike:) 
(it's true though. i'm pretty sure we haven't had more than 16 awake-minutes together since we got home last monday.)
we sat on those shiny marble steps and recapped & reminisced. 
watched a newlywed couple take pictures with the crowds.
oh, and we ate the most expensive gelato ever. totally unintentionally. 
it was good, but not that good!
i'm sure i'll see you soon, after all, instagrams & a movie are most likely to make an appearance in the coming weeks....
for now, ciao, roma!

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  1. your blog is fantastic & you are darling!


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