paris, day 2

we only had 1 full day in paris- such a crime! i have to say that the first time we went to paris 7 years ago, i was in love. my expectations were pretty high going back... and i was completely blown away- expectations? surpassed! it has to be one of my favorite places in the world. it's just magical! the language, the weather, the people, the architecture... it's incredible. i'd go back again & again & again. and again. bah! paris! i miss it so. 

we walked at least 10 miles this day... from the eiffel tower, down the seine, all the way to the notre dame, biked to a shop on a flat-iron hunt, and finally walked up the canal and back to our hotel... we freshened, then re-emerged for a trip (via the metro this time!) back to the eiffel tower for a picnic, and finally to watch it twinkle before heading back and crashing in bed. for a sick pregnant woman who hasn't exercised in months, it was intense to say the least:) 

some highlights of the day? the living wall at the musee du quai branly (amazing!!), the lock bridge, exploring the musee de orsay (seeing art by monet, renoir, and van gogh), loving the view from atop the orsay- it was opposite of the view from the sacre coeur yesterday! devouring a chocolate crepe and 3 coke's for lunch (i swear i've never even had one until this trip... thirst makes you do crazy things), seeing the notre dame, trying to bike in a dress on roads that are all crooked (we got lost about 100 times), maybe almost punching a few french women who have no concept of what "i'm in line" means, and awkwardly entering a bathroom as a man and prostitute exited. you don't get that everyday in america!

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