big news, people! big news!

baby #2 is on his or her way! 
this new little baby has timing all their own! like usual, we had little say in when he/she decided to arrive. just like with elle, we did our best to plan, things didn't seem to be turning out the way they "normally" do, so we booked one last trip. you may recall us booking (then cancelling) a trip to rome in 2009... 
turns out, rome cures infertility for the petersen's! 
we ended up cancelling that 2009 trip since i was on bedrest w/ elle; this time around we booked the trip and decided to "stop" trying for 2 months just to make sure i wouldn't be in my first trimester while on such a long and grueling getaway... cue irony and that mentioned "rome cues infertility" curse- the next month, we were pregnant. what the?!
it's been a long and miserable summer- i've been incredibly sick, and counting down the days to when i'm (hopefully) feeling better. two kids seems like it would be just right:) pregnancy and i sure don't like each other! we are SO excited though, and can't wait to meet this new little one!
we went back and forth about cancelling the trip- it was an incredibly difficult decision! after praying and pondering and begging for an answer, i decided we should cancel (thanks to trip insurance and a doctor's office who was willing to fill out the necessary paperwork). a week before we were supposed to leave, my doctor informed me that she decided not to fill out the papers, and that we would regret cancelling; she said, "go!". that was it. she made the decision for me. i hated her for a few moments, then realized all i wanted all along was an answer- and there it was.
we were gone for a week. we got home yesterday after 22 hours of traveling. jet-lag is in full force today, and after downloading 700 pictures, i'm queasy once again... 700!?
but get excited... oh, do i have travel tales to tell! what a wonderful week we had.
my sweet parents watched our elle and she had the time of her life.
more to come on both this trip and this baby!


  1. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Congrats to your family. :)

  2. My, my! That is big news! Can't wait to hear the gender and all the other fun details!

    So glad you still got to go on your trip. That. is. awesome. :)

  3. That is so awesome and what irony! We had to "stop" trying to get Drake too. :) We'll see what happens this go around. :) :) :)


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