from my (36-hour) trip to ohio last weekend...
(you know it's a quick turnaround when you land, and soon thereafter get a reminder email that you can check-in for your return flight:)
one of my very best besties looking beautiful on her awesome anniversary // the 2nd best place to be on your anniversary when you're not w/ your own husband is at a beautiful wedding w/ family & friends you love & grew up with & love! // a visit to my grandma was topped off w/ a cute anniversary cake from my thoughtful parents! // one of my favorite spots ever, milk & honey (where the price of a baby cone went from $0.90 in high school to a whopping $2.65. ouch! darn inflation.) // flying over utah- our very own state on fire // being the first on the plane in akron- apparently no one flies first class outta here:) // flying home to my babes

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  1. OH!! I love seeing Christine. She looks beautiful. Don't even get me thinking of Milk & Honey! I miss Ohio. Love the pictures.


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