a trip down memory lane...

i found a random file of old photos that made me smile... 
emphasis on the "random" part.
although most have me longing for a vacation...
our neighborhood when we moved in- it was seriously vacant! i miss those night-walks we used to make...
 gasp! we look 12. alas, we were married. oh, goodness me! i think this was our first christmas as lovey-birds in logan? 
oh, our little girl! such a babe she was! look at those little hairs on her head & that mini diaper! i sure don't miss all those well-check appointments and shots! 

alright, the end.

1 comment:

  1. Hi there,

    First of all, cute blog and amazing photography! I came across your blog when I googled a problem I'm having with blogger. It won't let me upload photos to my heading or sidebar (saying my quota is full, which it isn't), but I can upload them within posts. I saw you had the same problem. Do you mind telling me how you fixed it?

    Deon (deonlea@yahoo.com)


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