while mikey's away...

for the first time in our 7-year marriage, mikey went out of town. i've left a few times, but never has he been away from me/us overnight. the night before he left, elle screamed for 3 straight hours because she hated her "new room." STUPID us for "fixing what was not broken." (remember this post?) what was so bad about her staying in her crib? i can't remember. either way, we had the brilliant idea to move her into a big bed; it's been a nightly battle to get her to go to sleep, stay in bed, and actually sleep past 3am (at which point she's wide awake and ready to play...). DUMB US! back to mike leaving- dudes, don't tease me- those days apart were brutal. i may have cried the first night. i was slightly emotional. and sleep deprived. oh, wait wait wait though, mike was totally cool being away. the man was livin' it up. (can you blame him? he has 2 very emotional, very needy ladies back home.) it didn't help me that mike spent his first morning of the business trip at the mall of america. (whaa? memories of childhood- we spent 3 years in the lovely land of 10,000 lakes, so i have fond memories of camp snoopy. [i'm pretty sure it's no longer called that.].) man, i'm all over the board! back to being lonely girls: elle & i ended up having nonstop girl dates, and i vowed to slow down. my parents were also out of town, so it really was just elle, me, and the wild blue yonder...
riding the train = went the wrong way, out of the free zone = had to walk 8 blocks in the blistering sun b/c i was too cheap to buy a train ticket // shared a kids meal at chick-fil-a // stopped by my work > played in the temple square fountains // tried to stand upright in the wind (what's w/ the wind lately!?) // sticker fest // bagel date // saying bye before the airport // finding a note from daddy // elle bringing all her toys into my room at 3am... including a wrapper to cuddle with & "this makes mommy happy! it's a special friend to cuddle!" // & finally, our final afternoon @ the splash pad...
Come home, Mikey!


  1. How cute is that note from Mikey? I love it!

  2. I love Mike's note -- he has very nice handwriting!!! I can't imagine anymore if Josh had to leave for a few days-- since he does all of the work at home and with Weston -- I'd be a wreck!

  3. You are the coolest mom. When Rob is gone, I'm kinda a home body and clean, clean, clean all day. You rock!


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