some randoms...

random 1) the below pictures go something like this- mike & i attempting to entertain elle with some insanely hilarious joke (obviously). elle responding with a blank stare (face, priceless). chomping on chips. thinking something like, "wow. these are my parents? really?"
random 2) we've spent the last week re-decorating elle's room. we attempted to make way for her new big girl bed, with elle completely uninterested in moving out of her crib. so now, her room is stuffed with both. hoorah! pictures to come whenever we actually finish this process. in the mean time, elle is totally loving her new chalkboard wall. although, does anyone else find irony in the fact that the whole point is to teach her she can draw on walls? hmm... (note: chalk dust. everywhere. feet, floors, nose. also note, the newest thing we can't get her to change out of? her swimsuit:)
oh, and one more for giggles. as mike did the dishes and i showered, elle learned and performed "single ladies." thanks, beyonce for teaching some stellar moves to my toddler. :)
(what the!?)


  1. That video is awesome!! Does Elle try coloring on the other walls or is she good to just color on her chalkboard wall?

  2. so far so good- chalkboard wall only! :)


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