life lately (*exhale*)...

I mean, seriously. Life? Lately? Unreal. I’m not sure it’s ever reached nutso status like it has these last couple of weeks. Each day we’ve woken up earlier and stayed up later. Our house has rotated through with strangers buying things (we have sold what feels like half of our furniture). We are busy working, redecorating, painting, trying to do our callings, trying to navigate travel, oh, and enjoying summertime! Life is good- we are happy and we are thankful, but goodness me, we are tired! Ready, set, go!
 pool/bday party w/ mike's family // mike tries to remove a wasp nest & we watch // splash pad // "bed" in the costco cart // farewell, desk! // elle makes a card for father's day- a happy face complete with cheeks, eyebrows, ears & more- i'm so impressed! // mike & i meet for a lunch date (that's him on the train!) // "elle, what are you doing in there? "I'M NOT ELLE! I'M A PUPPY!" // manti temple // date nights on the floor (we sold our couch) //  elle makes herself a picnic while we paint // setting up elle's big girl bed (which she's not interested in- she slept in it the first night! that's it. no more of the big girl bed.) // chalkboard wall // elle's favorite new app... first she, looking more like an old maid than a princess... and mike looking, well, not ok:)

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