agreed upon: date night, food, & general conference. and i guess josh hutcherson does work as peeta.

oh my gosh. OHmygosh. 
we have been excited for this date for weeks now!!! 
i worked 98 hours in the past 13 days. 
we read 'the hunger games' while in florida, and ever since then, have been chompin' at the bit to go see the movie. 
city creek is open (shopping!), as is cheesecake factory. 
elle was to have a slumber party w/ her awesome grandparents... 
i mean, bring it on! date night! i was in a meeting until after 5 on friday night... & could actually see cheesecake factory out the window getting busier & busier- oh, the helplessness! :) by the time we got there, the line to put your name on the list was 10 minutes long... so we didn't even attempt to dine. we headed straight to the food court- bocata for me, and red iguana for mike (if you're in sl, both are amazing!). we shopped for an hour or so, and then headed over for *ah!* the movie. (which we loved! although, WHY did no one tell me that i should have popped a dramamine before it began???? oh, the nausea.)
oh, and hold the phone- we live in a real city! LOOK! a building banner!
it's as close as we're getting to times square anytime soon. i'll take what i can get.
saturday morning, we woke up & went to general conference- one of my very favorite things ever:) afterwards, a cute little blonde toddler met us and we swapped her from my parents (thanks guys!!)
later that night while mikey went to the men's session of conference, elle & i went on a date- i told her we could do anything she wanted. of course, she picked in-n-out & target- she really is my daughter! 
as we drove home, the car read 76 degrees...
need i say more?


  1. I loved the movie too. I didn't know Red Iguana was at the food court! That's awesome. We LOVE that place. We are hoping to make it down again soon. Cute post! Bet you are glad to have conference over with. That sounds B-U-S-Y!

  2. I'm glad you two enjoyed the movie. I did not. I love the books though.

    Oh and did you see that there's a gym above the Cheesecake Factory? How silly is that?

  3. first off, these pictures are absolutely perfect!
    second, all that food looks scrumptious! the red iguana is delicious!
    third, the city creek mall is great! loved the banana republic store.
    fourth, general conference is amazing!
    fifth, josh hutcherson is the essence of peeta ;)
    sixth, your little girl is absolutely adorable!!!
    xo TJ


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