our weekend, according to my iPhone...

saturday morning we went to get donuts for breakfast- i think this should be a new tradition! elle looked at the top photo and said, "oh, elle! your face is chocolate-dirty!"; i have been trying w/ all my might to get these shoes... after 2 trips to anthropologie, 3 weeks, and a shipment from their soho store, they don't fit. tears fell before i returned them. again; no exaggeration- elle does not sleep on me. she has not slept on or near me in years! she's the lightest sleeper on the planet. i went in to wake her from a nap at 4:45, and for the first time ever, she looked at me, put her head on my shoulder, and went back to sleep for 30 minutes. forget making dinner, cuddles won:) this is monumental;  it was finally warm enough for the park; $5 pizza date on the porch; chasing daddy; while transferring laundry to the dryer, i found a balloon. how the heck did a balloon survive a washing? or get in the washer for that matter?; another mystery: i was sitting at my desk at work wearing a wrap dress- i turned my slip (it was all bunchy, you know how that goes- too may layers), and out fell all these little hand-cut paper hearts! bewilderment. WHAT THE HECK!? after a few hours we realized i had a locket necklace on- that's where they fell from, but how did they get there? anyone? anyone? 


  1. I love your posts! Ahh the simple joys spring can bring. Everything feels a little happier. I can't believe Elle didn't like Kangaroo zoo! Covey loves that place so much. But it's cute that she was scared of the teeth. Covey sits in that mouth and Matt makes the dino/dragon/whatever chomp up and down to eat him. Boy humor, I guess. :)


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