"mom, take my pit-chur!"

...that's a phrase i don't hear too often.
i mean, it didn't last long. about 30 seconds. just long enough for her to realize i'd snapped her desired picture of those sparkley nails (she requests a new color every-other day).
i adore having a little girl!
guess what?
it's fuh-reezing cold outside.
elle still insists on wearing summer dresses. and no jacket. :)
her sweet little skin is so fair & dry in this chilly winter weather!
warm weather can't come soon enough...

her white skin & pink lips melt my heart.
her white hair is getting darker (i blame the lack of sun?), and that kind of breaks my heart.
it's so straggly and slow-growing, but she insists on having it down- it's how rapunzel does it, which means it is also how this girl rolls!
she runs in circles just to feel the wind, "mom! my hair is blowing!! it's so long! i love it! it's my favorite!"
("i love it! it's my favorite!" are her two favorite sentences. she repeats them multiple times a day, and it just sounds hilarious coming out of a toddler's mouth:)


  1. Darling!

    Would you believe Iris already cheeses for the camera? She's not even a year! A blogger's daughter at heart. hahaha!


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