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when we planned a trip to disney world with 2-year-old, i assumed her enthusiasm level would be somewhat mediocre (i mean, she's 2). alas, over recent weeks she has turned into a total maniac. everything she does (/we do) has something to do with "dis-ee woll-d." clothes, toys, dreams, food. she is elated. we have a paper chain counting down the days, and each morning she wakes up and screams, "I RIP OFF A LINK!"

above: elle in my old swimsuit- and yes, it is 30 degrees outside;
"elle, what are you writing?" "this say, 'elle pee-a-sin!' and... this say 'mommy!' see?" smart cookie;
this is our first trip w/ elle longer than 4 days... and i have no idea how to prepare! as noted previously, we always bring our own food. this time, i think the food weighs more than elle. i may need to scale back? i may have gotten a little carried away;
piles & piles & piles. packing is so confusing. i'm waaay to compulsive to pack the day-of, so i've started piles. piles & piles & piles...;
elle is obsessed w/ nails. she noticed the moment i walked in her room following a nap: "mommy!? nails red!? it's new!" she just held my hands between hers, "oh, mommy! i love it!" i tried that shellac/gelac nail polish? it's supposed to last 2 weeks. fingers. crossed. (no pun intended.)
counting.down.the.days. (did i already say that?)

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  1. That very last picture of yours and Elle's hands---that's priceless! Such a great picture!


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