the happiest place on earth (continued): the animal kingdom, magic kingdom x2, & the beach...

wednesday was probably one my favorite days- we went to the animal kingdom!
elle got pretty freaked out by dark rides, so we hung out outside while the others rode/watched.
total highlight? elle getting her face painted like tinker bell.
she didn't move an inch.
she was mesmerized!
one thing i love about disney is that, literally, every employee who passed us on disney property smiled, waved, and said, "hello, princess!" whether it was someone cleaning out trash cans, driving a service vehicle, serving food... you name it. they all made her feel like a total princess!
it was so refreshing to get her wiggles out a this big dig site- hooray for running free!
(elle sat in her stroller a total of like, 60 minutes all week. it was so nice to not have to wrangle for a few minutes!)

thursday? a re-visit to the magic kingdom.
we would get to the parks when they opened (usually 8). elle was up by 6 or 7 each morning, and we'd try and put her down for a nap around noon. the crowds were piling in by the time we were headed out around 11- i can't believe how busy the parks were for "value season!" waiting 90 minutes in line with a toddler? no gracias! thankfully, the mornings meant shorter lines and less crowds in the cooler weather.
this was a particularly tough morning, so we only stayed a couple of hours before retreating:)
before we left we rode the carousel. a lot.
saw aladdin & jasmine (they were on the ride just before us! shoot),
and tinker bell & terence (why did they put all the character meets in dark, awkardly lit rooms? seriously?).

in the afternoon, we headed to the daytona beach!
the drive was much longer than anticipated. and slower.
thanks to the tv in the backseat, elle was much more patient than i.
elle's first trip to a real beach was a hit- the freezing water shocked her, and she hated her hands being sticky and sandy, but loved running, jumping & playing!


  1. I am in love with the picture of her admiring her darling "Tinkerbell face" in the mirror. That is soooo cute!

  2. This looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO fun!!


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