some things we find uncomfortable.

elle has been a little rockstar- she's been "potty trained" for a month or two now, with the exception of sleep, which doesn't bother me one tiny bit.  
i went in after hearing her talking to herself post-nap (it had been 3 hours, and i was ready to hang out again!).
her reply?
"mom! you woke me up! LEAVE!!... wait... i pooped. eew. yucky."
i feel so used. first i have to leave? now i'm just the pooper-scooper?
i couldn't help but laugh hysterically at her thought process. she was so grossed out by her pull-up-o-poo that she pulled her dress up and squatted uncomfortably. as noted below.
since i don't find pooping in my pants an issue (whew!), i'll blame the next one on snow. i mean, sure, it's utah, it's january, and there have only been like 3 snowfalls all winter.
this year i find irritance in the time our snow removal company decides to plow (always during a nap or after we put elle to bed).
another negative to the snow? falling flat on my face.
it. hurts.
especially when you're running to the trash can with a huge bag of garbage in one hand, and an overloaded purse in the other.
any neighbors catch that fall? it was a doosey:)
note the snowflakes the size of golf balls.
oh, and the tumbleweeds. WHERE DO THEY COME FROM???
seriously, anyone know?
lastly (i've added this one as i type this post): football.
ok, not so much "uncomfortable" as "irritating."
in particular, the phrase i hear too often, "wait! just a minute! this game is almost over!"
25 45 minutes later, it's still going, hence my incredibly random blog post.
football, can you just end already?

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