lion, anyone?

so... i heard about this great antique store downtown.
dressed in our finest "just out of bed duds," we went over.
scratch that, mine was "out of bed+post-workout attire."
i mean, does it get better than that?
get excited.
this would be a good time to add that the first words out of elle's mouth when she wakes in the morning are either, "dinnertime!" or "i pick a dress!" usually it's the latter. she wears "summer" dresses at all hours of the day and night. many times, there are multiple dresses on over multiple dresses.
so much for dressing your own kid. she decides what, how and when she wears clothing. it's a lost cause.

anyhoo, back to antiques...
i can't describe the size... like a trillion square feet if i had my guess. yes.
(math has always been a strength of mine.)

in need of a chair? this is your place. they actually added a roof between the floor and the roof... where they keep the chairs... so you're walking on an in-between floor? kind of creepy. but cool.
the lion, as promised.
they actually have a lion.
and a rhino.
in case you've been looking for one...

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